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Why You Need Business Systems + the Top 3 Core Systems You Absolutely Need

In order for your business to run smoothly, you need to get organized. Having the right systems in place will help you do just that!



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Do you ever feel like you’re running but you just aren’t getting anywhere? Well, that’s what happens when you’re operating a business without systems in place! In order for things to run smoothly (and for you to actually make progress) you need to get organized, and honestly, systems are the best way to do that.

Wouldn’t it ease your mind to know that you never have to think about where to find things again? That’s the beauty of when everything is streamlined and you know exactly where to go. Even better, it makes things run smoother for both your team and your clients!

Ready to make some systems magic? Read on for the benefits of implementing systems and the 3 core systems you absolutely need.

If you know you need to add organization and an automated workflow to your recurring tasks, here are some of our best tips on where to start.

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Please note that some links in this blog post are affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase using our link. Honestly, we just love sharing what we’ve been loving lately, and if that means you can get in on the sweet deals as well, then great!

What Even IS a System?

To start simply, let’s explore what a system is. Essentially, a business system connects daily happenings in your business so that no step goes unnoticed. Your systems are made up of a set of practices and procedures that you can use for different activities in your business. Really, you can think of it as the building blocks of your business. With the right systems in place, you’ll be able to meet each goal easily and efficiently.

Knowing the best system to use for your business all comes down to your unique business goals, mission, and team. You can always start by doing an analysis of what’s currently working for your business and what still needs some tweaking. 

As you’ll see soon, there are 3 core systems you NEED to have for your business to operate at its full potential. But, first, here are the best benefits of implementing systems.

Benefits of Implementing Systems

So let’s delve into the exact benefits of having systems. If you’re a scaling service provider, this is where you’re going to want to pay extra close attention (break out that notebook!). See, your systems are going to help you reach your goals quicker without having to exert as much mental energy. The organizational structure you choose will determine whether you’re successful in reaching your business goals. 

Here are just a few different areas of your business that will benefit from systems:

Profits & Costs

You’re a business, right?! So, managing profits and costs should be a top priority. (This ain’t no hobby!) The biggest benefit of having streamlined systems in place is that your profits increase, and your costs decrease.

Look at it this way: A productive business is a money-generating business. With systems, you and your team are able to be productive on a whole other level! The more accustomed you grow to your systems, the more you’ll improve speed and efficiency, and the more money you will be capable of generating.

The same logic works for costs. With systems, mistakes become few and far between since you are following the same set of steps (perfectly!) every time. This will lower the amount of money you spend on costs.

Client Experience

Your client experience is everything! It’ll determine your client retention rate and any future client referrals. So, when you have rocking systems in place, you’re able to WOW your clients and provide them with a white-glove experience.

With systems, you’ll also be able to better track your clients’ needs. Every client is different but by comparing your current clients to any past clients (and any of their results!!), you’ll be able to anticipate any future hiccups or problems that you may need to address. This will better lead you to a glowing client experience. 

Team Management

Not only do systems benefit you as a business owner, but they benefit your team as a whole. First, with the right systems in place, you’ll be able to easily onboard and train new team members quickly – think of your handy VA or any subcontractors. You’ll also be able to delegate easier – which is a core piece of your business operating at tip-top speed! Finally, with the best systems in place, you’ll also be able to streamline communication and reduce any errors in your team’s work output!

3 Core Systems You Absolutely Need

By now, I think we can all agree that systems are pretty great! And the best part is, there isn’t just one type of system you can implement. There are different types of systems to help you streamline your business all across the board. 

Here are the 3 types of systems we always recommend and their benefits:

Project Management System

Your project management system is the heart and hub of your business. Everything you could possibly need to operate as a CEO will come through here. This is perfect for keeping yourself on track with your projects, tasks, and daily to-do lists.

Our go-to project management system? We love ClickUp! ClickUp is an app that is literally designed to make you more productive. And boy does it ever! You can use ClickUp to collaborate with your team (and clients!), organize projects, and map out and assign any upcoming tasks. ClickUp will get you on the fast track to ultimate business success.

Client Management System

Your client management system is responsible for those awesome client experiences you’re delivering. This is the secret to making sure no client feels forgotten and that you deliver a consistent experience to each one.

With a stellar client management system, you’ll always know where each lead and booked client is in your client pipeline. No more missed steps or money lost! Everything client-related can live in one spot. However, be sure to include specific project tasks in your project management system for optimal organization.

What’s our fave for client management? Dubsado, of course! Familiarize yourself with that name because Dubsado is going to be your tool for sending contracts and invoices, creating lead capture forms, and sending emails from just ONE place. Talk about efficiency!

File Storage System

So, we all know your assets and documents have to live somewhere. Enter: your file storage system. We get it, you probably have everything saved on your computer or hard drive, with a few key pieces stored on the cloud. But you need somewhere that’s easy to share with clients and your team and that you can find wherever you are. We know it’s a bit of a hassle, but once you adapt to being more cloud-based, it makes sharing files with your team and clients that much easier.

We love Google Drive as our File Storage system, though Dropbox is also great for our photographer friends. For us, we even link our Google folders and documents within ClickUp for easy access whenever needed. This creates similar structures between clients for ease of use (which is what we’re all about!).

Are you feeling ready to implement these core systems in your business? We guarantee that you’ll start seeing results super fast. Plus, knowing that everything behind the scenes is running smoothly will feel oh-so-good.

If you’re looking for help setting up your business systems and bringing more organization into your life, get in touch or send us a DM. As ClickUp gurus and Certified Dubsado Experts, this is the exact thing we love helping our clients achieve. Now, are you excited to make massive progress in your business?


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