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8 Tips to Elevate Your Client Experience

Here at TM+Co, we value client experience above all else. Take a look at our 8 best tips to give your clients the full white glove experience.



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The client experience is a part of your business that can truly set you apart from your competition. So, just what does “client experience” mean and how can you make sure yours is the absolute best?

Every one of us can probably pinpoint a time when we’ve experienced really bad customer service. Client experience is the direct contact your current clients (and any potential clients) have with you and your business practices. (Basically, the customer service vibe that you give off as a whole.) It’s the overall feel and professionalism that you have beginning from the first conversation with your client all the way to your last. 

To ensure every person you work with has a fantastic client experience, begin thinking about every point that prospective and current clients will engage with your business. Think about the ways to make that moment with your client the best experience it can possibly be and then tailor your systems around elevating each of those points. 

Here are 8 of our favourite tips for elevating your client experience.

If you know you need to add organization and an automated workflow to your recurring tasks, here are some of our best tips on where to start.

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Please note that some links in this blog post are affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase using our link. Honestly, we just love sharing what we’ve been loving lately, and if that means you can get in on the sweet deals as well, then great!

Tip 1: Send custom proposals.

Do you typically send a generic proposal to every client? This practice is fine when you’re just starting your business (but it probably doesn’t do much to attract and charm your prospective clients.)

Take your proposal template that has your general information and make it spicy. Add in specific details for each client. Be sure to include the details that distinguish that client from all the others. 

Creating a custom proposal for each prospective client shows them you care about your business as well as theirs. Your custom proposal will set you apart from the crowd with an added level of professionalism. Plus, that client will feel heard and believe you understand their unique problems and the goals they want to achieve.

Tip 2: Understand your client’s needs.

Before you submit that amazing custom proposal to a client, pause for a moment. Have you fully researched your client’s brand or business? Did you ask enough enlightening questions to have a fully developed idea about your client’s needs? Are you aware of any pitfalls that might cause a setback? Do you know what your client’s goals are for the service you’ll be providing? 

It’s so important to have a complete and full understanding of client needs. This will make your proposal sparkle. Best of all, understanding your client’s needs contributes to the overall client experience.

Tip 3: Send your client a welcome gift.

Now that your client is super happy with your proposal and has decided to work with you, this is the time to add the cherry on top with a special welcome gift. You might think this is a pointless idea. After all, this requires extra thought, effort, and some expense on your part (and you haven’t even really begun working together yet). However, a welcome gift is one way to elevate your client experience that you don’t want to skip.

You also don’t want to skimp on your welcome gift. It would be so easy and simple to stock up on a bulk order of ballpoint pens and notepads customized with your business name. But anyone can do this, and that type of gift doesn’t actually do much for an elevated experience. (It’s more self-promotion than a show of care toward your client.)

Put some consideration into your welcome gifts and make them relevant and client specific. We like to send custom BoxFox gift boxes to our new clients (as well as for holiday gifts!) Our clients are busy businesswomen. We LOVE picking out little gifts to pamper them – whether it’s a relaxing scented candle or tea to chill with, or even something personalized for their pets!

Tip 4: Provide an all-inclusive onboarding experience for new clients.

Landing a new client is only the first step in the process of creating meaningful business relationships. To provide an elevated client experience, you need a high-quality onboarding experience. (Not only so you look good and like you know your shit and got them covered, but also to answer any potential questions in advance!)

When you cover all the little details of how you’ll be working together during onboarding, your client will have clear descriptions and details of any and all parts of your business and how you’ll aim to achieve their goals. This sets the stage for what your client can expect to experience when working with you (and look SUPER profesh!). 

Some information that might be included in your onboarding experience include: 

  • Your business hours
  • Means of client communication
  • Systems you’ll use to execute your plan
  • A getting started checklist for your client
  • Questionnaires for clarifying information

Tip 5: Schedule a kickoff meeting with your client.

An intentional kick-off call can be another way to collect crucial information about your client and their project needs. In addition to onboarding, a kickoff (or welcome call) can keep you on track with the client’s project and guarantee you have all the info you need to complete the project.

Pro-tip: One way to simplify this step is to create a basic template the same way you would for a client proposal. Make a template (whether in a Google doc, your project management tool, or as a questionnaire in your CRM) that you can fill out yourself during your meeting. Make sure you have places to add in customized questions related to the individual client. This will keep you on track and guarantee you always get all of the info you need!

Tip 6: Make referrals easy and rewarding.

Obtaining new clients is a lot of work on your part. What better way to gain more clients than with a referral program for your current clients? And make it rewarding for them every time they refer you because let’s be real – everyone loves a gift (especially if they are doing something nice for you!).

When you make clients happy, they are more than happy to spread the word that you are amazing to work with. Create a referral program and reward your clients with a special discount, a gift card, or a little thank-you gift.

Tip 7: Invite feedback from your client.

Building a thriving business means asking for regular feedback on your services and resources from current or previous clients. Feedback is your best friend, and your besties know when it’s time to get honest and be real. You might not like hearing that you need to improve but being aware of these areas will only help you grow, optimize your services, and further boost your client experiences! (And sometimes, if you hadn’t asked, you might not have even been aware of the area that needed improvement!)

Tip 8: Celebrate special events with your client.

One of the best ways to elevate your client experience is to show them you actually care about them as a person (and to show they aren’t just a paycheck). Celebrate special events with your clients like marriages, new babies, birthdays, and anniversaries. 

We work with our clients on the daily and we get to know them and their businesses quite intimately. It adds an extra dose of consideration when your client realizes we care about their personal lives too. It’s why we do what we do – to streamline their businesses to give them more time in the everyday!  

We should all strive for our client’s happiness and that starts with an absolutely fabulous client experience. When all is said and done and we come to the end of our contract, we want our clients to walk away happy knowing that we gave our max effort to make sure we took care of all of their needs.  

Our team at Taylor Monroe + Co are experts at attending to all the tiny details of our clients’ businesses and that includes making sure they have an elevated client experience. We’re sensitive to the client’s individual needs and do our best to make them feel supported. Get in touch and let’s get started in what will be your best business relationship yet!


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