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All You Need to Know to About ClickUp Notifications for Business Success

ClickUp notifications keep your project management system running smoothly. Here’s a rundown of which ones to keep to boost your productivity!



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ClickUp notifications keep your project management system running smoothly. They let you know when tasks are completed, and when tasks are at risk of falling behind. So, whether you work by yourself or with a team to support you, understanding how these notifications work will increase productivity in your business! 

Let’s take a deeper look at exactly how you can set up your ClickUp notifications for business success!

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Please note that some links in this blog post are affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase using our link. Honestly, we just love sharing what we’ve been loving lately, and if that means you can get in on the sweet deals as well, then great!

ClickUp Notifications Overview

Don’t let ClickUp notifications scare you. In fact, they’re your ticket to freedom. See, a project management system is only as good as the settings you enable (and the incredible business owner using it, of course!). By better understanding your notifications, you’ll be able to easily find and respond to all updates on time and, of course, who wouldn’t want that?!

(Looking to learn more about how you can use ClickUp in your business? Learn all about our suggested uses and why it’s our favourite project management system.)

There are 3 main ways you can receive notifications:

1. If you’re part of a list:

For starters, you need to know that if you’re in a List, you’ll automatically be notified for any comments that are made within it (learn more about the ClickUp hierarchy here). This will help you stay up to date on any happenings within that specific list. This doesn’t have to do with tasks, but comments that are made specifically for that list.

2. If you’re assigned a task:

You’ll also receive notifications for Tasks you’re assigned to. As soon as someone adds you as an assignee, you’ll be notified of anything that happens or changes within that task! Even if you’re only involved with one aspect of the process (say the first 2 statuses, and then the last status), you’ll still be notified about every action of that task. Whether it’s a status change, due date adjustment, comment/attachment, or change to the task name or description, you’ll get that little red bell. 

3. If you’re a Watcher on a task:

Now a Watcher is different from an Assignee. If you’ve been assigned a task, you’re automatically going to be set as a Watcher, but did you know you can just be a Watcher on a task without it being assigned to you? This is great as a manager, to stay up to date on tasks without it filling up your to-do list, but also for anyone wanting to be aware of the happenings of a particular task! Set yourself (or someone on your team) as a Watcher and “watch” all of those notifications come in.

Types of ClickUp Notifications

Now that you know a little bit about ClickUp notifications, let’s chat about the four big ones. Email, mobile, web, and browser extension are ClickUp’s four major types of notifications to get the most out of this project management system.

Email Notifications

Email notifications do just what the name suggests – they head straight to your inbox. These types of notifications work to provide quick reminders, without actually having to open ClickUp. You can get email notifications for just about everything including when someone comments on a task, comments you’re assigned to or mentioned in, status changes, new tasks, and more. 

Be sure to note that email notifications will be sent to the email associated with your ClickUp account and can be easily toggled on or off by going into your workspace settings and checking or unchecking the notification type.

Pro Tip: We highly recommend turning off the majority of your email notifications. This way, you’re not bombarded with status changes, comments, and everything in between all day long. Overall, most of us don’t need to receive all of ClickUp’s daily dose of notifications. This will only serve as a distraction and stop you from doing what you need to do (shiny ball syndrome anyone?). I like to stick with my Daily Summaries email and check my notifications from within ClickUp.

Mobile App Notifications

If you work from your phone and haven’t downloaded the ClickUp app, what are you waiting for?! Once you have the app downloaded, you can receive push notifications from ClickUp. If you find yourself getting off-task (I see you scrolling Instagram), ClickUp’s notifications will still reach you. 

These notifications can be either silent or loud – depending on what you choose in your ClickUp settings (and based on your phone preferences).

Web App Notifications

This type of notification is easy to access in your ClickUp browser or on the desktop app. All you have to do is click on the Notifications page in the Sidebar in ClickUp. It’s as simple as that! 

From this page, you’ll be able to respond in a variety of ways, such as by viewing, clearing, reacting, and replying to your notifications.

Browser Extension Notifications

In need of another way to keep on top of work? Consider enabling browser notifications! Browser notifications will pop up directly in your internet browser. Here are a few handy steps to help you turn them on:

  1. Open your notification settings in the Sidebar.
  2. Select the option to “Enable Browser Notifications” at the top of the page.
  3. Your browser will then prompt you to “Allow”.

Be sure to note that if you don’t see the above prompt, it’s possible that your browser settings are in need of review.

Clearing ClickUp Notifications

Clearing your ClickUp notifications is simple! It’s also a best practice to get into if you want to stay on top of your work (don’t say I didn’t warn you!). For in-app notifications, you can clear them manually by accessing them on the upper left-hand side of the screen.

The easiest way to clear a notification is by clicking on the “check” on the right-hand side of the notification. Similar notifications will always be grouped together. These are often status changes and can be cleared all at once.  

If a notification is something that requires action from you, be sure to complete the necessary task before clearing the notification. You don’t want to forget about anything! Once the notification is gone, it is no longer a part of your action items (and could get lost in the ClickUp abyss!). Don’t worry though. If you need to find a cleared notification, you can find it at the top, under the “Cleared” heading. And, if you need to unclear a notification, you can always do so by clicking the circular reverse arrow button beside the notification. 

Sometimes, you’ll find you keep getting updates on tasks that aren’t necessary to you (and the constant pings may make you want to rip out your hair). In these cases, you can easily stop watching a task. Simply hover over the top right corner of the notification and click the eyeball icon that appears. You will be removed as a Watcher and no longer receive the notifications. Keep in mind though that if someone tags you in that task or in a comment on that task, you’ll be notified and added as a Watcher again.

What ClickUp Notifications to Keep On

Okay, but what notifications should you keep? There are definitely some ClickUp notifications we recommend that you should always keep on. These will allow you to keep up with your work and lower the possibility of any mistakes.

First, keep on all of your Comment notifications. You want your team members or clients to be able to keep you updated on projects. Then, keep on all of the Tasks notifications, especially anything to do with assignees, dependencies, and mentions (you can turn off custom fields if that one gets messy for you!).

Start & Due Date reminders are the next things to keep on. For these notifications, you can check in with yourself to see how many reminders you really need. If you know you’re on the ball with tasks, there’s no need for a reminder to pop up every day. But, if you know you tend to put off tasks, you can set more reminders to send you a notification ahead of time. This works for start dates and due dates, but also after a task is overdue. 

If you’re added as a Watcher to a List, you want to be sure you’re receiving all your Lists notifications which will pop up anytime changes are made to that List. Although we prefer to use Slack, if you’re using ClickUp Chats, you’re going to want to be receiving every notification here (after all, you don’t want to miss a message from these!). If you’re a Contributor or Watcher for a ClickUp Doc, you’ll want to receive all notifications for Docs with comments mentioning you to see all of the changes and updates. 

Finally, be sure to also keep on the email notification for the Daily Due Dates Summary! This email is great for a daily morning overview. However, you can set what time you’d like to receive it if morning reminders don’t work for you. When setting this reminder, keep in mind that it’s a ballpark time. So, if you choose 8 am you’ll receive it within half an hour of that time.

Your ClickUp notifications don’t have to be a constant headache. By understanding which notifications are necessary (and why) you’ll never have to worry about them again. Plus, you’ll be able to easily increase your productivity and success in your business. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to go update your ClickUp notifications!


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